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Print inspection in

Tec4Check - your reliable partner for differentiated print image control
and accurate PDF and scan comparisons.

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Optimise your preparation with a precise comparison of your digital templates.

PDF to full-page PDF


Plate making
Ensure error-free transfer to printing plates to create the basis for high-quality printing results.

PDF to scan (single or multiple use)


Printing operation
Check the print quality directly on the machine to enable immediate adjustments.

PDF to scan (single use)


Incoming goods
Ensure the quality of incoming products and input materials to fulfil your production standards.

MediaCheck - your advanced system
for print image control

Discover real deviations in the printed image with ease.

Discover the efficiency of the client-server architecture

Centralised data storage on the server and relieving the clients by having the server take over complex tasks means that hardware resources are optimally used.

The architecture supports parallel job processing, reduces costs by using several clients per server and enables flexible software usage thanks to floating licences. The client-server architecture is therefore a key to more efficient and cost-effective work processes.

MediaCheck Workflow

Tec4Check News, Industry &
Product Insights

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latest developments in print image control!


Tec4Check presented print and braille inspection with simpleScan station and SimpleBraille station at DRUPA 2024 in Düsseldorf


Print and Braille Inspektion to the point!

in-situ und Tec4Check are deepening their collaboration at DRUPA for Braille inspection and print image…


Discover the latest features and seamless integrations for unrivaled print image control with Tec4Check's MediaCheck 15!

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Quality that impresses

Discover how our print inspection technology is transforming businesses.

Client Story

Success through consistent quality control! For the production of folding cartons and leaflets for pharmaceutical customers, special requirements…

Client Story

The Label Inspector checks 100% of the labels during the rewinding process and compares them with a scanned copy. To enable the comparison of this…

Client Story

As a specialist in pharmaceutical packaging, in particular leaflets, labels and combination products, Bähren Druck has developed considerably in…

What sets us and our solutions apart

What types of errors can be detected by the print image control?

The print image control can detect a variety of errors, including missing or shifted elements, colour deviations, blurring, printing errors and much more.

What advantages does print image control offer for sustainability in print production?

Print image control reduces the number of misprints, which in turn reduces the need for reprints and therefore the consumption of resources and waste in production, leading to more sustainable production practices.

How does print image control contribute to cost savings?

By recognising errors at an early stage, print image control enables a reduction in waste and reprint costs, which leads to significant savings in production costs

Can print image control check different print formats and materials?

Yes, MediaCheck can check a variety of print formats and materials, including paper, cardboard, labels, flexible packaging and much more.


Foundation of Tec4Check in Braunschweig from "Krauß Software".

+ 10

Our MediaCheck workflow system has already been successfully implemented in more than 10 countries.


Continuous expansion of the software's functionality.