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MediaCheck Workflow

Discover the efficient integration into MediaCheck Workflow processes.

Our MediaCheck Workflow enables our customers to perform modern and efficient checks with high accuracy and low effort. Thanks to our innovative client-server architecture, which is unique in its kind, we offer flexible integration and easy customisation to existing requirements and workflows.

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The advantages of our client-server architecture

Centralised data storage on the server and relieving the clients by having the server take over complex tasks means that hardware resources are optimally used.

The architecture supports parallel job processing, reduces costs by using several clients per server and enables flexible software usage thanks to floating licences. The client-server architecture is therefore a key to more efficient and cost-effective work processes.

The advantages at a glance

  • Optimised adaptation to existing workflow systems
  • Flexible assignment of tasks to different users, locations and times
  • Patch processing and specialisation
  • Eliminate the need for one person to do it all (for example, one person at the press can scan the sheets while another person from quality control assesses deviations)
  • Access to job history
  • Immediate availability of clients for the user, without waiting times while the server analyses and prepares the comparison results
  • Efficient utilisation of hardware
  • Complex tasks are performed by the server and not by the client
  • Parallel processing of different jobs
  • Cost reduction through the use of multiple clients (low-cost workstations) with a central server (the heart of the system)
  • Floating licences allow several clients to work with the software, even if it is not needed continuously
  • Centralised storage of all relevant data on the server
  • Only one validation required, even if several clients are working with the server
  • Centralised management of test parameters


Discover our MediaCheck modules for efficient print image control.

MediaCheck Productivity

Increase productivity by automating your orders with template templates.


Decode and compare Braille from the PDF file and from the scanned packaging materials.


With our booklet module, you can easily compare several pages from a PDF with a printed sheet or a full-page PDF in a single step.

MediaCheck Connect

Consolidate information from your workflow software such as ESKO to ensure seamless communication within your workflows.


Integrate our barcode module into your quality assurance processes and ensure the reliability and readability of your barcodes.

Simple ScanStation

Print sheet inspection should take place as quickly as possible! On the other hand, quality assurance cannot be constantly manned or be at the printing presses.

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