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Best possible quality for customers with MediaCheck

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A print company wants to offer its customers the best possible quality.

To achieve this, MediaCheck efficiently checks the printed products and compares them against the PDF file or compares single or full-page PDFs against the customer PDFs in prepress.

In this way, deviations are detected and rectified directly where they occur.

The comparison is made pixel by pixel without interpreting the text. All languages can be checked in this way.

Costs and time are saved. Quality and quality assurance are improved. Protocols/results reports document the quality of your print shop - verifiably to your customer.

MediaCheck in prepress

PDF files can be compared with each other here. Your own PDF, which is used for production, can be compared with the customer PDF. This ensures that no errors have crept in.

In addition, the imposed printing plate can be saved as a PDF from the workflow and also compared against the reference PDF. This ensures that the printing plates correspond to the reference(s).

MediaCheck in the print room

With the SimpleScan Station from Media Check, print sheets can be scanned quickly. A comparison runs in the background. Quality control then evaluates the deviations and gives the green light or stops production.

The faster this evaluation takes place, the fewer faulty printed sheets are produced. This reduces costs. If required, the machine operator can also receive an image of the deviations for his own assessment.

Final inspection print companies

If the previous steps, including an in-process check, are carried out successfully, a final check with its own comparison is no longer required. Nevertheless, some print shops would like to be able to scan samples of the finished product and compare them with the reference PDF.

Server-client structure

Thanks to the server-client structure in the MediaCheck programme, these workstations are all connected to each other, access the same reference data and save the results and logs on the same server.

It is just one system with several clients. As a result, only one validation of the system is required and all settings can be managed centrally.

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