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Just check it - MediaCheck

MediaCheck is a print inspection system that compares the test specimen with the reference file pixel by

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Packaging inspection
very easy with MediaCheck

MediaCheck is used in four simple steps:

Our software takes care of the rest. Once the job has been created and the reference file uploaded, Media Check automatically determines the correct position and alignment of the pattern. Colours and, if necessary, geometry are adjusted to enable a precise comparison.

Discover the efficiency of the client-server architecture

Centralised data storage on the server and relieving the clients by having the server take over complex tasks means that hardware resources are optimally used.

The architecture supports parallel job processing, reduces costs by using several clients per server and enables flexible software usage thanks to floating licences. The client-server architecture is therefore a key to more efficient and cost-effective work processes.

MediaCheck Workflow


Discover our MediaCheck modules for efficient print image control.

Increase productivity by automating your orders

MediaCheck Productivity

Increase productivity by automating your orders with template templates.

Decode and compare Braille from the PDF file and from the scanned packaging materials


Decode and compare Braille from the PDF file and from the scanned packaging materials.


With our booklet module, you can easily compare several pages from a PDF with a printed sheet or a full-page PDF in a single step.

MediaCheck Connect

Consolidate information from your workflow software such as ESKO to ensure seamless communication within your workflows.


Integrate our barcode module into your quality assurance processes and ensure the reliability and readability of your barcodes.

Print sheet inspection should take place as quickly as possible

Simple ScanStation

Print sheet inspection should take place as quickly as possible! On the other hand, quality assurance cannot be constantly manned or be at the printing presses.

Clear PDF reports

PDF Report - Documented results

It is not only important to have a system for automated quality control, but also to document the results for internal purposes or for customers.

MediaCheck allows you to record the results in various ways. The system generates a PDF file with all relevant information, including the check parameters, the data sources for reference and test specimen, the user and each step of the check with corresponding ratings and comments.

You have the option of customising the report and changing the layout to suit your requirements. An electronic signature can also be integrated. You decide whether the logs should be printed out or saved in specific directories. Optionally, the minutes can also be made accessible to customers.

Comparison on a pixel basis

By comparing on a pixel basis, the system recognises the smallest deviations. Nevertheless, the system can recognise and group similar deviations. This enables efficient processing with high accuracy.

The user can learn how to use the system in just a few minutes - it is so easy because all commands can be clicked in a menu bar. You can see the main steps of the check here.
MediaCheck is easy to configure and customise to your own requirements. Media Check can be integrated into the processes / workflow to increase productivity.

Additional modules for Braille, brochures, barcodes etc. extend the application areas of Media Check.

All versions of MediaCheck allow for the comparison of multiple benefits (multiple benefits against the same reference or against multiple references). The panels are automatically recognised - regardless of their position or rotation - and assigned to the references.

MediaCheck Medium

Versatile areas of application

Discover the areas of application for our efficient print inspection.

Printing company

A print company wants to offer its customers the best possible quality. To achieve this, MediaCheck efficiently checks the printed products.


As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you carefully check the quality of your products and input materials, including printed packaging materials such as labels, leaflets and folding cartons.

Food and beverages

Constant changes to the legal requirements for information on the packaging of food and beverages.

Cosmetics industry

The information on ingredients must also be correct on cosmetic products. The importance of accuracy is increasing all the time.

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