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SimpleScan Station

Print sheet inspection with the SimpleScan Station in real time - flexibility and efficiency

Printed sheet inspection should be carried out as quickly as possible! On the other hand, quality assurance cannot be constantly manned or be at the presses. Until now, the printed sheets were physically brought to quality assurance.

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MediaCheck has a solution here and separates the scanning and assessment processes:

  • The printed sheets are scanned during production - where they are produced.
  • Quality assurance works in their office or home office and assesses the quality of the printed sheets - promptly and from anywhere!
  • With the Simple Scan Station, every employee in production can scan the printed sheets with just a few entries - after setting up the job, after a roll or pallet change, after a plate change. He scans the sheet and then returns to his machine.
  • Moments later, the quality assurance department receives the results of the printed sheet inspection on its screen - in its own office or in the home office. They can assess the deviations. Once the deviations have been assessed, feedback is sent to the machine operator via the SimpleScan station, by email or telephone.
  • If everything is OK, the machine operator has certainty! If serious deviations are detected, the order can be stopped immediately. The error can be corrected. Follow-up costs are avoided. Material and working time are saved.
  • The server-client principle of MediaCheck proves itself once again here and enables flexibility in the processes of your company. The connection of our MediaCheck system to existing workflow systems for automatic data checking in the pre-press stage was the beginning and an important step in the preparation for further automation steps, which we are using with our Simple Scan Station, the latest addition to the MediaCheck system.


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