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MediaCheck Productivity

The Productivity module offers various tools and options that allow you to work even more effectively with the system and, for example, allow even more flexibility and automation of some test steps thanks to the MediaCheck templates.

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MediaCheck Templates

MediaCheck templates are an intuitive, fast and modern way to create a check job.

For digital checks (PDF against PDF), check jobs can even be created completely in one step (incl. check file) and thus processed almost fully automatically. Simply select a template from the list, add your files and see what happens. In the event that the template cannot be applied to the added data, a corresponding error handling function is of course available, which also allows more detailed analyses including a preview. The fully automated processing of your data paves the way for even more process reliability and standardisation of your data.

Smart filter

MediaCheck offers a whole range of features designed to get you to your destination quickly and make your work as efficient and convenient as possible.

The various filter options in the sidebar or in some adverts are just such functionalities. We have therefore set ourselves the task of making the filters even more efficient and customised and have implemented them in version 3. With the now freely definable filters, which can be easily accessed via the sidebar, every wish can be fulfilled thanks to the large number of possible combinations.

Spot loupes

The separately controllable spot magnifiers are a real asset in the results display.

With the independently adjustable zoom and unrestricted manoeuvrability, they allow an even more convenient view of any deviations found.

Audit Trail Viewer

In addition to the complete documentation of an audit, the system has been expanded with version 3.0.1 to include a system-wide audit trail. For this purpose, all relevant actions are saved on the server side in the data/trail directory in xml format on a daily basis.

From version 3.0.2, data can be retrieved, analysed and evaluated in the client via a user-friendly interface. In addition to the numerous filter options, the viewer also offers the option of exporting filtered information as a PDF.

Error comments

The error comments, which play an important role in assessing the results, are of course not new but are available as standard.

With the Productivity module, however, you now also have the option of managing created comments centrally and using them uniformly on all connected clients.

Measurement series

The main purpose of the MediaCheck measurement series is to facilitate and simplify validation work. They offer the option of combining several test jobs with or without samples and storing them on the server.

The complete measurement series can be started with just one click, whereby all contained test jobs are newly created and checked. This functionality makes work easier and saves a lot of time during system validation or software updates. We offer our customers flexible management and expansion of the SystemCheck
measurement series included in the scope of delivery with the functionality implemented here.


The file cache is also a very efficient extension of the system. Reference and/or sample files can be found very quickly by indexing the directory structure.

To activate the cache, you only need to specify the start directory in the settings; the system takes care of everything else. Using the search functions available after activation, the required files can be found quickly and easily using fragments of the file name.


Discover our MediaCheck modules for efficient print image control.


Decode and compare Braille from the PDF file and from the scanned packaging materials.


With our booklet module, you can easily compare several pages from a PDF with a printed sheet or a full-page PDF in a single step.

MediaCheck Connect

Consolidate information from your workflow software such as ESKO to ensure seamless communication within your workflows.


Integrate our barcode module into your quality assurance processes and ensure the reliability and readability of your barcodes.

Simple ScanStation

Print sheet inspection should take place as quickly as possible! On the other hand, quality assurance cannot be constantly manned or be at the printing presses.

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