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Kroha relies on Media Check for print sheet control and PDF comparison

Success through consistent quality control! For the production of folding cartons and leaflets for pharmaceutical customers, special requirements apply to the avoidance of errors in the reproduction of print data. Any deviation in the printed image of the packaging material can cause a critical error with high risks for the health of the patient or damage for the customer.

This is why Kroha has been relying on reliable print sheet control and PDF comparisons with the Media Check software solution from tec4check for almost 10 years.

PDF comparison with Media Check

Digital comparison of the original customer PDF against the print PDF - using the example of an article from mibe GmbH Arzneimittel, a Dermapharm Group company

All print data received from customers is first supplemented with technical features for production. To ensure that nothing is changed in the customer's original data, Kroha checks the prepared print PDF against the original file provided by the customer. Only after this is the individual print jobs compiled into a print sheet. This is how Kroha ensures that the print data has been transferred correctly!

Print sheet control with Media Check

During further processing, all jobs to be produced are checked after the printing process. A sheet check is installed for this purpose, which rules out possible deviations in content after the print data has been created. There are no differences with regard to pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food products in folding boxboard or thin printing paper.

Kroha Media Check sheet scan

Digital comparison of the print PDF with the printed sheet - using the example of an article from mibe GmbH Arzneimittel, a Dermapharm Group company

The last printed sheet is scanned and compared with the print PDF using Media Check. If no differences are found here, the text and graphics are also correct on the printed product. In addition, the machine operators check the colour control and cleanliness of the print directly at the machine. The Media Check can be optimally adapted to the various applications thanks to differentiated parameter settings in the inspection sensitivity.

Success through high quality!

Kroha has been able to steadily increase the quality of its products thanks to this consistent quality control during the production steps. The maintenance and updates of Media Check have led to the use of new functions such as audit trails, faster comparisons of multiple uses on the printed sheet, etc. Thanks to these and other checks and improvement measures based on them, Kroha has become one of the most reliable suppliers of folding cartons and leaflets for pharmaceutical customers in recent years. The family-owned company, with headquarters and production facilities in Miesbach and Barleben, now employs 250 people.

Innovation and a personalised approach to customers are just as important to Kroha as consistent quality management and automation in production. The company's success confirms this strategy!

The Media Check system for checking printed sheets and comparing PDF files has been developed by tec4check GmbH from Marburg into a leading system on the market. Thanks to its server-client structure, Media Check allows the processing of check jobs on one or more workstations on Windows or OSX. Check sheets or individual copies can be scanned in during production and evaluated in quality control. No need to carry sheets or documents back and forth. Of course, thin paper can also be scanned without the partially translucent reverse side affecting the evaluation results.

"The continuous further development of Media Check and the implementation of our suggestions in Media Check make tec4check a reliable partner for us!" reports Ms Michaela Ernst, Head of Quality Management at Kroha.

Kroha Druck

Consistent specialisation, continuous healthy growth and courageous enthusiasm for new technologies are the hallmarks of Kroha's two locations, which complement and exchange ideas in an ideal way.

As a state-of-the-art industrial printing company, Kroha enables its employees to realise quality thinking for demanding market segments with the support of high-tech machinery. The name Kroha has permanently become synonymous with quality products in the packaging sector. Flexibility and a sense of responsibility are the company's outstanding characteristics.

Today, Kroha GmbH produces hundreds of millions of packaging components for the pharmaceutical industry and other growth markets at its plants in Miesbach and Barleben with 250 employees.