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Service and support

For the hardware, we work together with your experts to connect the old and new hardware with our software at a favourable price.

Installation and training

You purchase hardware from your partners. We provide you with minimum configurations for servers and PCs or Macs. Our MediaCheck system runs on both Windows and IOS devices! 

The best tools are useless if you don't know how to use them! That's why we make sure that we spend most of our time on training during the installation.

After training, online manuals and video tutorials are available to users and system administrators. Support is included in the purchase price for the first three months after installation. After that, we are happy to offer a maintenance contract.

We are also happy to offer you the system for rent, in which case the support and maintenance contract is of course included in the rent. This ensures that you are always up to date with the latest developments.

Continuous further development of our software

Software is never finished, because we are constantly developing it further and thus leading MediaCheck to ever better solutions.

We offer automated comparisons, but we also use automation in software development. Many different tests are carried out every day to ensure that the software functions at the latest stage of development.

Collaboration with our customers constantly generates new ideas for improving MediaCheck. We look forward to your suggestions!

Our goal of continuous improvement has recently yielded the following results: Intelligent filters and groupings of deviations: This saves time and attention is not exhausted so quickly.

These effects are supported by the clear and simple screen design. This means that the same deviations can be assessed simultaneously on different screens!

Validation and FDA conformity

Up-to-date documentation and manuals - a standard for MediaCheck

For us at MediaCheck, up-to-date documentation is a matter of course. Our documentation includes Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ) and Certification of Conformity with FDA 21 Part 11 requirements. Our manuals are also updated. All of these resources are available as interactive iBooks that are easily accessible.

We also offer our customers short and easy-to-understand tutorial videos on all aspects of our software.

We have also optimised the validation process. With MediaCheck sequences, multiple checks can be performed simultaneously. Our installation test is defined as one such sequence. Customers using our Productivity Module can create their own sequences. Updates and revalidations can thus be carried out efficiently. The associated documentation is finalised almost simultaneously with the tests.

Clear, understandable and comprehensive test report - a new standard for MediaCheck

At MediaCheck, a clear, comprehensible and complete audit report is a matter of course and sets new standards. Our audit report is used for quality assurance and acts as a comprehensive log that documents the check like an audit trail. Every action and communication with the server is recorded, including the user, the scanner used and the PDF reference used.

The audit report contains detailed information on deviations, including images of the reference and the test item as well as their assessments. In addition, there is a concise summary of the report. The layout, language and signature can be customised by the system administrator.

MediaCheck also provides a system-wide audit trail that can be viewed from any client workstation. Filters enable a quick overview and an efficient search for relevant events.