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Installation and Training

For the hardware, we team up with experts in their field to integrate existing or newly created hardware with the software.

The best tools are worthless, when you do not know how to use them. So we make sure that during installation and training we spent most time on training the customers while preparing as much as possible from the installation via Internet before we arrive.

After training, the users do not only have a manual, but also video tutorials included right with the software to help them. The first three months of support are included in the base system to make sure, that the system can be put into operation and the whole spectrum of tasks that might be relevant is done successfully. After that, our customers can decide in favor of our popular support contract.

Ongoing support and feedback

Software is never finished, so we continue to improve and extend Media Check at a high pace. To do this, we are not only offering a system for automated control, we are also using a high level of automation for control within our development. Every day, a large number of checks is done for the current software version, starting with small unit tests up to multiple complete checks of diverse real-world examples.

The cooperation with every new customer results in new ideas to still make the software better than before. We are looking forward to your input!

Our aim to deliver the best product manifests itself in multiple aspects: intelligently filtering and grouping the deviations makes it easier and for the user to evaluate the result. This has two beneficial effects: the man-time is reduced and the users’ attention is not tired because of routinely accepting a large number of deviations. These effects are also supported by the user interface which shows the deviations in a most clear way and offers the most productive tools to deal with the deviations (e.g. handling multiple related deviations at multiple ups at once).