MediaCheck 3_3 update

MediaCheck 3_3 with more power and flexibility!

New features in print inspection and print quality control with MediaCheck 3_3!

We have just given a fantastic new update to our reliable and proven MediaCheck system. The focus is entirely on stability and automation. MediaCheck 3_3 therefore comes up with new structures and some features that make the system even faster, more elegant and more powerful. We have revised the hot folder monitoring and added the separate ScanStation. Of course, we have also added new practical features as well as numerous extensions and optimizations for even more efficiency and performance.

The new features and optimizations include the use of existing images of an inspection job, e.g. for further processing in the barcode inspector, the “free” choice and adaptation of the inspection resolution to connect other image sources, and the redesign of various input masks.

Our latest update also includes the update of various libraries, including the integration of the latest version 18 of the Adobe PDF library in order to be able to offer the best available support for processing PDF files. In other words with the update you can be sure that all PDF-files can be read as reference!

MediaCheck 3_3 offers a lot of additional modules to automate the quality control of printed material. It can be embedded in prepress workflow solutions. With the SimpleScan Station the scan and the evaluation are separated. The machine conductor in the printing shop scans the printed sheet when the machine is set up. Any member of the quality control can check the evaluation anytime and anywhere with access to the network.

MediaCheck is independent from any platform and therefore runs on Windows, OS and Linux. With its client-server-architecture is still the pioneer in sophisticated print inspection, content control of printing and packaging goods. Many printing and pharmaceutical companies are among the satisfied users of MediaCheck.

Contact us and secure an early date for the update. For everyone else this is a great opportunity to consider a plan updating to MediaCheck 3_3.

Best regards,

Your tec4check-Team