SimpleScan Station

SimpleScan Station for Print Quality Inspection

With SpimpleScan Station you save time on the print machine.

SimpleScan Station builds the bridge between print machines and Quality Control.

Print inspection should be carried out as quickly as possible! On the other hand, the quality assurance department cannot be manned permanently or positioned at the printing presses. So far, the printed sheets were physically brought to quality assurance.

MediaCheck has now a solution here and separates the scanning and evaluation processes:

  • The printed sheets are scanned in where they are created – at the printing presses in the production.
  • The quality assurance works in your office or in your home office and evaluates the quality of the printed sheets – promptly and regardless of location!

With the SimpleScan station, every employee in production can scan the printed sheets with just a few entries – after setting up the job, after changing rolls or pallets, after changing plates. He scans the sheet and then returns to his machine.

Moments later, the quality assurance receives the results of the print inspection on their screen – in their own office or in the home office. She can assess the deviations. After evaluating the deviations, the machine operator is informed via the SimpleScan station, by email or by phone.

If everything is fine, the machine operator can be sure! If serious deviations are found, the job can be stopped immediately. The error can be corrected. Follow-up costs are avoided. Material and working time are saved.

The base of the MediaCheck system – the server-client principle – has proven itself again here and enables flexibility in the processes of your company.

The connection of our MediaCheck system to existing workflow systems for automatic data inspections in prepress was the beginning and an important step in the preparation for further automation steps, which we use with our SimpleScan Station – the youngest member of the MediaCheck system.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Talk to us and make an appointment. We would be happy to present the SimpleScan Station to you personally or virtually.