MediaCheck at TOP-LABEL

TOP-LABEL assures quality with MediaCheck

TOP-LABEL in Alfeld, Germany is a specialized in printing and sales of self-adhesive Labels to the food, beverage and cosmetic industry. Additionally, they deliver pressure sensitive labels to the chemical industry.

The 30 employees take care of the requests and orders and produce the labels to fulfill all customer wishes. In 2020 sales could be increased. In 2021 they could win new customers.

Top-Service and Top-Quality by TOP-LABEL

“Our customers expect Top-Service and Top-Quality” explains Anke Hoefer CEO at TOP-Label. Their own prepress team designs customer labels, changes print files and produces printing plates inhouse.

In the production the machine conductors are sensible to the quality of their printing. They rely on MediaCheck for the print inspection. Of each order they take and scan samples and compare them against the customer PDF-files with the MediaCheck system. They see even small deviations on the screen and can check in short time if the printed labels correspond to the customer approval.

Since more than a year TOP-Label uses MediaCheck which is always updated on basis of the rental contract with tec4check.

“Thanks to MediaCheck and other activities we have well increased our quality level” states Tobias Hoefer, production manager, proudly.