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Decode braille content in the PDF files as well as from your samples. Determine deviations from Braille standard. Measure the height of the dots. 

This module allows you to inspect every aspect of the Braille according to the relevant standards and in multiple languages. Braille control can either be integrated into the content inspection or alternatively be carried out seperately.

Braille is an important and hard to test part of pharmaceutical packaging. It is not only the special ability to read the Braille, the height of the Braille dots in the printed product is also important. Our system helps you to comply with current and future regulations in different markets, especially for pharmaceutical products.

The Braille module for Media Check Workflow consists of a special scanner for measuring a full 3D profile of the printed good including the Braille. This allows us to exactly measure the height of each individual Braille dot. Our software contains the options to fully decode Braille according to different languages and geometric specifications (for example Marburg Medium) to clear text, making the checking of Braille content in the PDF file as well as on the printed good part of the full checking process. Handling of Braille is seamlessly integrated into the full checking process, to be used just as easy and efficient as the rest of the software. The results are included with the checking of the content in one protocol.

The scanner we use comes from company in-situ who specialize in 3D measurements for different industries. The device uses shape-from-shading techniques to accurately determine the 3D surface of the scanned object. Our software thus not only compares and checks the decoded Braille, but also checks if all geometrical constrains are met.

Scanning Braille dots is only available in MediaCheck Workflow.


Compare multi-page PDF files against each other in one simple step. The booklet module is available for all versions of MediaCheck. This is a highly efficient way to compare two versions of a PDF-File.

MediaCheck Productivity

New tools to improve efficiency

The Productivity module offers several tools and options to work more efficient.

There are templates with increase automation and flexibilty of the jobs.

Smartfilters and spot magnifiers are now available.

The audittrail shows all modifications and actions done in the system.

MediaCheck Connect

Merging workflow information with templates

To automate even the last part, the new connection module works together seamlessly with the templates. This allows an integration with your workflow to merge the information coming from your workflow software (e.g. ESKO) with the defaults from the templates fully automatical.

Based on hot folders and simple XML data it is easy to connect the software. Results and feedback are available both in your workflow software and in the MediaCheck client.