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Automation with templates

No workflow needed

Since the DRUPA 2016 we integrated automation features in Media Check, our print inspection system.

With templates jobs can be automated. You only load the reference PDF and the sample file. All parameters are already defined in the template. The job is named according to the reference file.

As sample of use of templates serves a leaflet printing company. They use the templates in their prepress department. Reference- and sample-PDFs are drawn by mouse (drag & drop) into the template. Already a few seconds later the result is shown on the screen. If everything is okay, signs are green. If not, the user can evaluate the deviations as usual.

At our customers many thoughts focus on automation and simple processes. Therefore we develop solutions. Template are the first step. They can be implemented and used immediately without necessary integration into an electronic workflow.


Automation in Scanning

Simple and easy use of existing jobs

Automation and simples processes are important for efficient work!

To scan printed sheets or printed packaging and compare them against a reference PDF we have developed easy features to simplify your work:

With our filters you can find any job just by typing the some letters of its name.

Each job can be dublicated in a new job - just by one click. In this case reference file and parameters are loaded. The scan can start.

So easy! You want to see it? Contact us!

Integration in prepress workflow

automated checks of workflow results

Workflow solutions are used to speed up and standardize processes in the prepress of printing companies. All steps from reception of customer print files to the production of printing plates with multiple ups shall run automatically with limited intervention by humans. The results are check by our Media Check system. 

Media check is integrated into the workflow solutions such as Esko, Hybrid or others. It has its own cockpit to monitor the running and waiting jobs. The status of each job is, of course, communicated to the workflow solution.

Let us present to you our Media Check as our solution to inspect the print files within your prepress workflow.