The 4 in tec4check ...

... represents the 4 founders and managing partners of tec4check GmbH.

Enrico Rabe has more than ten years of experience with products for pixel-based comparison of PDF files and printed products. As the product manager for PharmaPrintControl in Krauß Software, he was involved in creating the first software of its kind. At tec4check he is responsible for the user interface and the client side of MediaCheck. He is also active in sales, supporting our customers and documentation.

Dr. Gerriet Backer has a background in machine vision and developing software for image computation. He managed the software development at Krauß Software. At tec4check he is responsible for the image comparison and the server side of MediaCheck. He is also active in supporting our customers and the automatic testing of the software.

Dietrich Mägerlein was - in his role as managing partner of the printing company Eukerdruck GmbH, now CLL Label Marburg - one of the first users of software for text inspection. He then proceeded together with his brother Robert to advocate the use of these system in pharmaceutical printing and to market the software internationally. He is mainly responsible for sales.

Robert Mägerlein is also manager of the printing company CCL Label Marburg. After managing international sales of PharmaPrintControl, he is now responsible for finances and administration at tec4check, as well as sales.