Decode braille content in the PDF files as well as from your samples. Determine deviations from Braille standard. Measure the height of the dots. This module allows you to inspect every aspect of the Braille according to the relevant standards and in multiple languages. Braille control can either be integrated into the content inspection or alternatively be carried out separately.

Scanning Braille dots is only available in MediaCheck Workflow.


Compare multi-page PDF files against each other in one simple step. The booklet module is available for all versions of MediaCheck. This is a highly efficient way to compare two versions of a PDF file. 


Achieve your checking goals even faster. The module gives you individual filters to quickly access just the jobs you are interested in. Additional magnifier tools help with synchronous detail inspection of the reference and sample. And MediaCheck templates offer a new way of bundling all parameters with the new intelligent settings to automatically find the fitting values for the given files in order to automate most parts of the job definition.