MediaCheck Workflow


MediaCheck Workflow gives you the full flexibility and power of an advanced client-server solution.

All processing takes place on the server. Add as many clients as you like.

Adapt the system to your workflow needs - assign certain tasks to special clients, use batch processing for some tasks, prepare jobs without having the sample available, pause the processing of one task to start working on something more urgent.

The clients are always available, the waiting for the processing of results is over.

Clients and servers are available for Windows and Mac OS and can be combined freely (server also available for Linux).


  • Checking PDF files


  • Checking PDF files
  • Comparing PDF files against scanned images and other raster images

All versions of Media Check allow the comparison of multiple ups (multiple copies of the same reference and/or different references). The references are automatically located, rotated and identified. No need to specify the location or rotation of a reference.