Checking media

The information age is about assembling, editing and transforming information. These are all creative demanding tasks, and thus will sometimes result in errors. To catch errors, we need to put together automated systems and human decision-making. Many industries employ (partly) automated testing procedures (computer software and hardware, pharmaceutical, ...). MediaCheck brings automated testing into the production of printed media and PDF, acting as your automated proof reader.

Using a pixel-based comparison between PDF files or between PDF files and scans the software displays only the relevant deviations and lets the user decide which of these deviations are true errors. Such checking with a comparator software makes sense at many stations during the production of PDF files and printed media to catch errors as soon as possible.

Checking the content of PDF files or printed media can serve a number of important functions. It could be your airbag before something goes horribly wrong, it could be your warning sign before going into production, it could be your double entry bookkeeping or your tool to measure quality in order to learn about opportunities for improvement. Documented quality will get you ahead of your competition.